Xunlong New Aluminum Hard Case for Orange Pi 4/B

Orange Pi 4/B SBCs Aluminum Hard Case

Shenzhen Xunlong just released initial details about a new aluminum case designed for the latest Rockchip RK3399 based Orange Pi 4 SBC. The Orange Pi 4 and Orange Pi 4B board have a dimension of 90×64mm, which makes it a little smaller than Orange Pi 3. Both boards are powered by the RK3399, and houses two Cortex-A72 cores, typically clocked at 1.8GHz up to 2.0GHz, as well as four Cortex-A53 cores at up to 1.42GHz along with an ARM Mali-T864 GPU for handling graphics.

Aluminum Case

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[Designed for Orange Pi 4/B]

Orange Pi 4b Metal Case
Orange Pi 4b Metal Case | Full view


The case is compatible with the two Orange PI 4 variants mentioned, and it’s worth considering buying, especially for SBCs powered by a Rockchip RK3399 CPU that tends to heat fast and needs proper cooling.


Xunlong case design is composed of two separate parts joined together by four screws. The case and not fully closed, tt’s a semi-open type with fins located on the upper cover. Its body and manufactured from a metal raw aluminium material that possible suitable used in hostile industrial environments.

Xunlong added one mounting hole on the left side of the case to assemble an external Wifi antenna. It’s optional and probably very needed, just keep in mind that If you need an antenna, you would have to buy it separately.

Orange Pi 4b Metal Case P1
Orange Pi 4b Metal Case | Top View

Orange Pi 4b Metal Case P2
Orange Pi 4b Metal Case | bottom View


Most of the Orange PI 4 board interfaces are accessible with this case. The user has access to the central AV, HDMI, TYPE -C, Power hole socket interfaces as well as the rear side of the SBC where the pair of camera interfaces are located.

The GPIO header pins interface is also very accessible, giving the user complete freedom to access the pins without a need to remove any external covers to connect trough it.

Orange Pi 4b Case Interfaces
Orange Pi 4b Case | Main Interfaces


Is the case is really made from metal?

Yes, its completely made from metal material.

What SBC this case is compatible with?

Only with Orange Pi 4 & Orange Pi 4B Boards.

Do I need to add an additional heatsinks for the CPU& RAM?

No. Both of them are cooled down through the metal case body using thermal conductive pads.

From how many parts is this case is made?

Two parts assembled together with 4 screws.

Is this accessory a real necessity?

Generally, this is not a must have item, but If you are seeking a firm case with good cooling it’s very needed.

Orange Pi Official AliExpress Store safe to order?

Sure. It’s the official Orange Pi brand store.

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