Redmi Router AX5 Review – Cheap, But Should You Buy It?

Redmi router ax5
Redmi Router Ax5

Xiaomi Redmi Router AX5 Review

Xiaomi Announces Redmi Router AX5 Router, the Company’s First Redmi Brand Router with WiFi 6 support. While most of us are familiar with Xiami mainly for its handset devices worldwide, the company has also become a seller in recent years in the field of network routers. Xiaomi’s new AX5 being the first low-cost entry-level router of the company that comes with WiFi standard 6, joining the previous pair of WiFi routers 6, the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 and Xiaomi Router AX1800 announced earlier this year.


The new AX5 router comes with the MiWiFi system, which is based on the popular OpenWRT firmware, powered by a Qualcomm 4-core processor with a 1.2GHz Cortex-A53 processor and a dedicated 1.5GHz NPU core. The router comes with 4 antennas with a standalone Qorvo amplifier, each with a power of 4dB, while on the back you can find 3 LAN ports and one WAN port – all come with GbE support.


It uses the Qualcomm solution, the enterprise-level 5-core chip Qualcomm IPQ6000. Compared with the current mainstream Wi-Fi 5 AC1200 routers at home, the Redmi router AX5 wireless rate can be increased by up to 52%. It can download a high-definition movie in 8 seconds through the Gigabit Ethernet port.

The Redmi router AX5 continues Xiaomi’s usually white and simple body design, with four external antennas and supports simultaneous access of 128 devices. with Increased Home Broadband Absorption, Support for Technology Mesh, and data transfer capability of up to 574Mbps at 2.4GHz frequency and up to 1200Mbps at 5GHz frequency.


The router also supports OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies, allowing the router to complete data transmission for up to 8 devices with one transmission, the network delay can be reduced by 66%, and multiple people can surf the Internet more smoothly.

WiFi 6 standard is still not very common today and just started gaining popularity. Xiaomi AX5 could easily categorize as the cheapest wireless router with WiFi 6 technology compared to more expensive router models when the combination of WiFi support 6, the Mesh technology, and a low price tag of ~ $43 expected to make the new router particularly attractive.

Xiaomi Redmi Router AX5


  • Support Mesh networking.
  • 52% increase in the theoretical rate.
  • OFDMA efficient transmission.
  • Super signal coverage.
  • 4 high gain omnidirectional antennas.
  • Qualcomm 5-core chip, single-core NPU hardware-level acceleration.
  • New generation router with a stable connection.
  • Independent network acceleration engine.
  • A new generation of 14nm process technology processors.
  • 256MB large memory, stable connection up to 128 devices.
  • Capable of offering speeds of 1,200 Mbps on the 5 GHz band (using Wi-Fi 6).


CPU CORESQuad-core (4 Cores)
WIFI802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 802.3/3u/3ab
PACKAGE CONTENTS1*Wifi Router, 1*User Manual (w/ Three Guarantees Certificate), 1*US Plug Power Adapter
DEPTH141 mm
HEIGHT180 mm
WIDTH247 mm


What’s Inside

  • 1x AX5 router.
  • 1x Manual.
  • 1x Power adaptor (12V- 1A).

Design and Appearance

Xiaomi did a great job designing a beautiful case. The Redmi Router AX5 comes with a premium clean looking firm shell with lots of venting slots for cooling. It’s entirely in white, giving the product a beautiful look and not a low cost $54 router. Looking on the rear side of the device, there you will find one WAN type Ethernet port and an additional three ethernet ports that all support a maximum throughput of 1 Gigabit.

Mount Your AX5 Router to the Wall

On the backside of the AX5 unit, Xiaomi also included holes to mount the AX5 on a wall using two wall anchors which is a convenient way to save some extra space instead of placing the router it on the desk what most user normally do.

Next to the four ethernet ports, you have the power socket and a device reset hole. The only things I was missing as a user was maybe a power on/off button that could be nice to have. Because the labels of the ports on the case are also in white and not painted in black, It sometimes makes it very difficult to read and distinguish between different port numbers. Overall, I didn’t notice any real manufacturing flaws or problems.

Xiaomi Redmi AX5 [full view]

Performance Configuration

One of the top highlights of this product is the optimization feature that, with a click of a button, automatically optimizes your WiFi and bandwidth setting to work in the most optimal way possible, so as a user, you don’t need to start playing with different options.

First Time Setup

Xiaomi’s AX5 router software comes pre-installed with software the Chinese language. If you don’t read mandarine, once you connect the device and go online, you will be able to google translation tool that comes as an integrated part of most chrome browsers. The translation function worked well for me and can help you understand all the options.

The Redmi AX5 operating system core runs on top of the popular OpenWrt framework. An open-source project for embedded operating systems based on Linux. Xiaomi did an excellent job in modifying the LuCI Web Interface and adding lots of advanced features you might find in premium routers sold on the market. Features such as automatic air updates, internal speed test tool, advanced QoS settings, Bandwidth management for each device, built-in firewall and much much more.

Xiaomi Redmi AX5 Web login screen (Translated with google)

Redmi ax5 web login
Redmi Ax5 Web Login

Xiaomi Redmi AX5 WiFi Settings

Xiaomi redmi ax5 wifi settings
Xiaomi Redmi Ax5 Wifi Settings

After the first time setup of the AX5 router device, your Wifi network will be automatically assigned with default network names: Redmi_40D_4G and Redmi_40D_5G. Xiaomi added a few useful features under the ‘WiFi setting‘ section, such as the option to joining 2.4GHz and 5GHz under the same name. This option lets you automatically switch between network bands according to the connected device signal strength.

Xiaomi Redmi AX5 |Default WiFi Networks Names

Xiaomi redmi ax5 wifi settings 1
Xiaomi Redmi Ax5 Wifi Settings

Redmi ax5 routing status
Redmi Ax5 Routing Status

How to Connect Your Router To Mi WiFi App?

The process of pairing to your AX5 router is very straightforward and straightforward. You first need to download the ‘Mi WiFi‘ mobile app available from both android and apple users.

First, you then will need a working MI account. If you currently don’t have one, you can sign up for free and join Xiaomi community. After this step is accomplished, but before login in to your MI account, you will also need to select the proper country. Because this product is originally designed to work in china you would have to pick the region: ‘China mainland‘ and temporary enable your location service on your mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Android App [English interface support]

Device Management

The Xiaomi AX5 router is made for Chinese people user experience. In the management features arena, Xiaomi did an outstanding and most importantly designed a very user-friendly GUI that’s is also used by none Chinese users. You can control all functions of the AX5 settings remotely trough a WiFi connection using ‘Mi WiFi‘ mobile app, or if you don’t need it, you can always use the Web interface access method. Because the software of the router is in Chinese mandarin language, you can use any google chrome compatible browser to translate the text from Chinese to English, and it’s simple with a right-click on the mouse pointing to the screen.

The new Wi-Fi 6 Standard

Suppose you are preparing for the near future. The AX5 has the upper hand in price and compatibility supporting the latest WiFi 6 standard. There is a respectable list of known vendors such as Huawei, Apple, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, Samsung that already launched compatible handsets, mainly implemented in high-end models.

WiFi 6 or in its tech name: 802.11ax, provides huge bandwidths up to 11 GB in the air, it’s effortless to operate (everything is automatic), requires almost no maintenance, with high reliability and zero amount of malfunctions and breakdowns.

Today, WiFi networks connect almost everything in the business network, from smartphones, tablets, laptops to security cameras, alarm systems, access control systems, “home and smart office” systems, “smart city” IoT systems, “autonomous vehicles” and much more.


In the security arena, Xiaomi added helpful and useful features to protect users privacy. Under the ‘Security Center‘, ist possible to block specific devices connected to the router by entering their MAC address. You can prevent devices accessing specific URLs, an option the can be used as a parental control tool to prevent children from accessing adult-related websites. You can even schedule a network disconnection for a device based on a specific date and time of your choosing.

Xiaomi redmi ax5 security center
Xiaomi Redmi Ax5 Security Center

Signal Test

When I set a 5GHz band network on wireless channel no’ 48 the signal, the signal coverage was good, but I didn’t see anything extra special. The Redmi A5X comes with four external antennas that I think are more effective when the router placed in an ideal open space area where the other devices are connected. That said, my connection was very stable, and everything worked well As expected.

Redmi ax5 wi fi settings

Redmi AX5 2.4GHz WiFi Settings

Wireless Testing

We placed my Huawei P20 phone in two different locations (points) in nearby rooms separated with a wall with open doors to check 5GHz signal strength and available bandwidth.


  • Point 1 – The best area for the best signal reception was was in point no`1 at a very close distance of 0.8M to the A5X router unit with a speed link of 866 Mbps.
  • Point 2 – At a distance of approximately 7.6M, the signal dropped to a link speed of 292 Mbps.
Redmi ax5 wifi mobile signal test
Redmi Ax5 Wifi Mobile Signal Test
Redmi ax5 wifi room test
Redmi Ax5 Wifi Room Test

Through the wall

This feature sounds more of a gimmick. Maybe it’s more feasible when connecting WiFi 5 / 6 devices which operate in high network bands, something we couldn’t check in our test becouse we didnt have a support device in reach.

Intelligent Speed Management

The intelligent speed management feature lets you monitor all the wireless devices connected to the AX5 router. You can adequately monitor bandwidth consumption for each device, get realtime information about your current download and upload connection speeds.

Redmi ax5 wifi optimization
Redmi AX5 WiFi Optimization Tool

Our Verdict

The Redmi AX5 router is an excellent easy to manage device, packed with tons of great features for basic and advanced users. The most substantial highlight of the products is that it supports the next generation standard Wi-Fi 6 that is becoming more and more popular these days.

The only thing I was missing as a user was maybe a USB port for connecting an external hard drive. Button line, I defiantly recommend the product as it provides an excellent spec value ratio.

Redmi AX5 Review Summary


External Design
Software support
Value for money


An excellent worth buying product!


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