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Home NAS Build Kit for $13 | DIY NAS Kit for NanoPi NEO/NEO2

1 bay NAS Kit Review
Written by androidpimp

Home NAS Build Kit

The 1-bay NAS drive is a do it yourself (DIY) kit which lets you build a simple Open source based NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for backing up and sharing data across a local network and remotely. This kit is composed of an aluminum enclosure hard drive bay that fits with any 2.5 inch SSD / Hard Drive, and the 1-bay NAS Dock expansion Board equipped with a High-speed USB 2.0 SATA JM20329 chip, additional USB port, on/off power switch and 12V DC power port. Compatible with FriendlyElec NanoPi NEO/NEO2 Board series.

Users the previously bought one of the NanoPi NEO Boards will defiantly enjoy using this low cost NAS drive, especially Kodi media player fans looking for portable, easy to manage solution to share multimedia content. As for software support device should work running Samba service or for those that are looking for GUI you can also use OpenMediaVault (OMV) ,which is a free Linux distribution based on the Debian, designed specifically for network-attached storage (NAS).

Also important to mention, that there is also another option only to buy the 1-bay NAS Dock expansion Board separately without the enclosure at a lower price. That said, information on both products including prices can be found in FirendlyELEC website links posted below:

Buy the Kit from FirendlyELEC

Buy the NAS Dock Board

1-bay NAS Kit | Enclosure + 1-bay NAS Dock expansion board

NanoPi NEO 1 bay NAS Kit


Kit Components:

  • 1-bay NAS Dock expansion board:
  1. JMicron JM20329 USB to SATA bridge
  2. SATA connector for 2.5″ HDD drive
  3. Extra USB host port
  4. On/off switch, and dual color status LED
  5. Header to connect NanoPi NEO board
  6. 12V DC power input
  7. Dimensions – 151 x 89.7 mm


1-bay NAS Dock

1 bay NASDock Board


1-bay NAS Dock  | NanoPi NEO & Hard Drive 

1 bay NASDock Hard Drive


  • Aluminum enclosure (NS-120) & Accessories: 
  1. NS-120 aluminum enclosure (154 x 100 x 47.5 mm, 4141 grams)
  2. Heat-sink set for NanoPI NEO
  3. M3 6mm screws, M2.5 6 mm screws
  4. Four rubber pads
  5. Front and back covers


1 bay NAS Hard Drive Enclosure


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