NanoHat PCM5102A Audio Expansion Board Module

Nanohat audio expansion board
NanoHat Audio Expansion Board

Product Introduction

The NanoHat PCM5102A is an Audio Expansion board module designed by FriendlyARM Company, compatible with the NanoPi NEO Air / NanoPi NEO Development boards. It’s connected to the NEO Boards through the header pin interfaces. And comes with a IPCM5102A Audio Chip, Two RCA Stereo Audio Interfaces, on-board infrared receiver that allows it to be remotely controlled.

That said, Music fans that want to build a low cost mini Hi-Fi audio system to stream music from the internet or play audio files stored locally on an external USB flash Drive can benefit from using this upgrade. For further information and price you are welcome to visit FriendlyARM Website Link posted below:

Buy It from FriendlyARM

Nanohat audio module expansion board 1


PCM5102A Audio Board – Compatible with NEO Board Series

Nanohat audio module expansion board 2

NanoHat Audio Board & NEO Audio System      

Nanohat audio system


Hardware Spec:

  • DAC audio chip PCM5102A
  • Ultra-low out-of-band noise
  • on-board VS1838B infrared receiver
  • Audio data bit length: 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit
  • Audio format selection: I2S (Low) / Left-justified
  • Sampling frequency: 384 KHz, resolution: 32-bit


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