NanoPC T4 Metal Case Review, Assembly & Thoughts


NanoPC T4 Metal Case 

The NanoPC T4 is definitely one of the best high-end SBC (Single board computer) I recently tested and reviewed. With the default acrylic plastic case users may expect partial cover for all the board interfaces. If you need a closed type of case and not a semi-closed acrylic, composed of just two plates I suggest checking FriendlyElec metal priced at $6.99. This cool and well-designed case will not only protect the T4 board from dust and dirt but also assures the heat dispersion will be optimal. Having said that, you are welcome to check more information about this recommended product on the link posted below:

Buy it On FriendlyElec (Official Website)



 Package Contents 


  • x1 NanoPi-T4 Sheet metal case
  • x4 Rubber legs
  • x4 x5mm round head screw (For PCB mounting).
  • x4 M2.5 x 5mm (For Case Assembly).
  • x2 Antennas Plugs (Cover for antenna holes)

Unboxing All Items

Part #1 | Base Unit

Part #2 | Upper Cover


The Case

The assembly of the case parts is very simple and straightforward. It’s composed of two main parts made from bending sheet metal connected together with 4 screws.  In this case, compared to the one made from acrylic plastic that is open on all sides, you will get better heat dispersion as well as a closed type of case. If you are planning on connecting an NVMe SSD card it will be very tight and the card will contact with the case, lower part to improve heats disruption through the case envelope. So keep in mind that there will not be extra space for adding an extra heatsink on top of the NVMe SSD

Adding Antennas

A pair of Wifi & BT antennas are not included in this kit. You will probably need one antenna if you are planning only to use a wireless connection to get a better signal reception. If both a are not a real necessity, and only a LAN wired connection is required, FriendlyElec included two plastic plugs/covers to seal the holes/cuts located on the case upper cover.

Assembling all Items

  • NanoPC T4 Metal Case | Package Contents


Design & Personal impressions

Although the NanoPi T4 case design is excellent, I really needed the option to add a small fan on the case itself. FriendlyElec could have added a series of holes in a circular pattern with four holes for fan screws. As mentioned previously, there was no extra space inside the case to add a heatsink to the NVMe SSD card (if you are using one).


Final words

Overall, the case design is excellent and cheap ($6.99) .If you need a solid metal case to protect the NanoPi T4 board in an industrial environment or for home applications, then this case is a superb option to keep the board dirt free and well protected.

Awesome buy!
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