Xiaomi Earphone Piston 3 Review

Xiaomi piston 3 review
Xiaomi Piston 3 Review

Product Introduction

The latest New Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone is a 3rd generation model by after previously launching Piston V2 back in 2014. The differences between the new model and the older one is mostly expressed in design and materials. The V2 shape of the earphone is cylindrical, completely made of metal material vs. The V3 model that’s mostly from plastic materials, making it more lightweight with a cleaner design and look.

Earphone wire according to company specs is made from Kevlar fiber, making it more durable to tearing. In addition, when comparing to a straight cylindrical shaped earphone design in V2 to the newer model it has 45 degrees “elbow” what makes it more agronomic officiant and compatible fitting inside the persons ear channel. As for specs, they remain the same as in the V2 model with sound frequencies ranging between 20-20000 Hz including few other parameters listed below.



  • Brand: Xiaomi.
  • Earphone Type: In-ear.
  • Material: Enamelled copper wire
  • Color: Black.
  • Frequency range: 20-20000Hz.
  • Earphone sensitivity: 98dB.
  • Speaker impedence: 32ohms.
  • Rated power: 5mW.
  • Earphone weight: 14g / 0.5oz.
  • Package weight: Approx. 94g / 3.31oz.
  • Package size: Approx. 7.3 * 7.3 * 3 cm / 2.87 * 2.87 * 1.2 in].


Package includes:

  • 1 x Earphone.
  • 6x Earbud.

Product review will be focusing on the followings:

  1. Products Specifications.
  2. Package.
  3. Unpacking.
  4. Items in Package.
  5. Design.
  6. Unpacking videos.
  7. Final Notes.

Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Package

Xiaomi piston 3 generation earphone package


Xiaomi piston 3 generation earphone headphone unpacking

Product Package (Case)

Xiaomi piston 3 generation earphone case

Items in Package:

  • 1x Earphone.
  • 6x Earbud (Sizes : XS, S , L).

Xiaomi piston 3 generation earphone inside package


From first impression it really shows Xiaomi defiantly cares about user experience and design and its noticeable just by looking at product packaging. The Earphone is well packed a partially transparent plastic case within a silicone rubber “pillow”.

Beneath it you have 6 Earbud pieces arranged into 3 type categories: XS, S, L according to different Ear hole sizes (Ear hole canals). Back to design issues, Its excellent with a metallic brushed surfaces giving the earphone a modern fashionable look.

Xiaomi piston 3 generation earphone design


Xiaomi piston 3 earphone microphone audio jack


Unboxing  Part 1 of 2

Unboxing Part 2 of 2

Final Notes:

Without elaborating, from my first impression playing some music clips straight from YouTube audio earphone really produce rich high quality sound including great bass effects.

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