Windows Mini PC TV Box Powered by Intel Processor

Z3735f windows mini pc review
Z3735F Windows Mini PC Review

Product Introduction

The Z3736F Windows Mini PC TV Box from WellGlobal Electronics Co., Ltd offers an interesting product, very similar to the PIPO X8 TV Box Brand, without the brand name at a lower price tag. Product basically combines an All-In-One Mini PC with a built in 7 inch Touch Screen, Dual Boot Android & Windows operating systems, making it a very practical product to have.

Getting into product highlights, Unit runes licensed free windows 8.1 OS soon to be updated to windows 10. It comes with all the standard outputs, including HDMI out port, what you usually can find in all set-top boxes. The touch screen feature makes it is very easy using it as a small stand alone workstation without any need for external monitor or TV connection.

That being said, The Z3735F supports Dual Boot for Android and Windows operating systems, specifications of the device include an Intel Z3735F / Z3736F Quad Core Processor Running at a clock speed up to 1.3GHz (Depending on CPU Type), 2GB RAM, External WiFi antenna for best streaming experience. We are not talking about a mini computer with the processing power of a standard desktop PC, But from personal experience, it’s definitely enough for surfing the web, watching YouTube, Kodi/XBMC, Running office suites or running “lightweight” games.

Product review will be focusing on the followings:

  • Product Introduction.
  • General Product info & Specs.
  • Items in package.
  • Design & Quality.
  • Performance.
  • System.
  • Kodi/XBMC Playback Demo Video.
  • Final Words.


Product Main Highlights:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 / 10.0 with Bing.
  • CPU: Intel Atom (Baytrail-T Quad-core), Z3735F (Optional: Z3736F)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics.
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC.
  • Perfect for streaming your multimedia (XBMC/Kodi), media playback, web surfing, and video streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.






Quick Product Intro Video

  • Items in package:
  1. User Manual.
  2. HDMI Cable.
  3. Power Adapter unit.
  4. TV BOX

Z3735f_windows _mini_pc_tv_box_all_items

Design & Quality.

Design combines a crossbred between a 7 inch tables PC and a Set-Top Box. The box has excellent build quality and design. The casing is all made from metal materials, including bottom cover that’s also made from sheet metal. From looking at the base of you can see a small pad connected to the cover. From my guess, its maybe a type of heat conductive material to spreed all the heat outside.


From first impression device works very fast. Innormal “non heavy” operation without running apps or games that consume a lot of CPU resources, each core operates at clock frequencies ranging between 500-600 GHz. In more heave usage, CPU max peak speed that every single core can reach is 1.3GHz. Fornormal everyday usage its more then enough for running Windows Applications such as: OpenOffice, Games etc.



The product can run both operating systems, Android 4.4.4 and Windows 8.1/10.0. Switching between different OS environments, for example from Windows to Android is done by running “WinToAnd” App. Booting from one OS to another isn’t done instantly or “on the fly” and does take a few seconds until system completely loads.


Product Operation | Review

XBMC/Kodi Support – Testing Under Windows 8.1 OS

According to my tests. Playing with my 60GB Samples that contain 2K/4K, Blu-ray samples Intel hardware runs Kodi 15.1 Isengard very smooth without lags or noticeable glitches, Performance is perhaps even better than current Amlogic S812 Soc Solution.

Final Words

Excellent Product for business, including home users that are seeking a cheap low cost PC solution. The product main advantage is its integrated 7″ touch panel that makes it very attractive and a nice solution for building a Windows / Android Workstation without a any need for additional external screen. For further information and inquiries, welcome to contact supplier directly.

Product Link: Click Here


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