NanoPi R1 – An Allwinner H3 OpenWrt Gateway Computer

The NanoPi R1 is an AllWinner H3 based single board computer powered by Ubuntu and OpenWrt software.
Nanopi r1 01
NanoPi R1 01

NanoPi R1 OpenWrt Gateway

The NanoPi R1 (“R1”) is an open source board developed by FriendlyElec (FriendlyARM) for makers, hobbyists, fans and etc. The NanoPi R1 has one Gbps Ethernet port and one Fast Ethernet port. It has an onboard 2.4G, Wi-Fi module. Friendliness ported OpenWRT to the R1. With some additional settings, it will work like a router. Its good networking performance and features make it a good platform for various network applications.

In terms of hardware specs, the NanoPi R1 provides above average performance and is designed to be used as a mini router gateway solution. The R1 is powered with a Quad-core Allwinner H3 CPU, it comes with 8GB eMMC, 512MB/1GB RAM, dual LAN Ethernet ports, one for WAN input and a secondary port for LAN, UART interface, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

In the software arena, this product currently supports FriendlyCore (based on UbuntuCore-16.04) as well as OpenWrt software. It can be used as a solution for a wide range of IoT applications, as well for settings a small firewall gateway to block ads using pi-hole software or just for building a compact in size home NAS device solution.

The NanoPi R1 complete kit price is currently on sale for a very appealing price tag of $29. It doesn’t only include the R1 board, but also comes with extra accessories, such as a well-designed metal case, heatsink, thermal pad, External Wifi Antenna, and a USB power/data cable. For more details you are welcome to visit FirtenldyElec link posted below:

Buy It from FriendlyARM Official Website


NanoPi R1 | Layout & Interfaces

Nanopi r1 02


Nanopi r1 04

NanoPi R1 | Package Contents


Nanopi r1 kit items

Hardware Spec:

  • CPU: Allwinner H3, Quad-core Cortex-A7 Up to 1.2GHz
  • DDR3 RAM: 512MB/1GB
  • Storage: NC/8GB eMMC
  • Network:
    • 10/100/1000M Ethernet x 1
    • 10/100M Ethernet x 1
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n, with SMA antenna interface
  • Bluetooth:4.0 dual mode
  • USB Host: Type-A x2
  • MicroSD Slot x 1
  • MicroUSB: for OTG and power input
  • Debug Serial Port: 3Pin 2.54mm pitch pin-header
  • UART: 4Pin 2.54mm pitch pin-header
  • LED: LED x 3
  • KEY: KEY x 1
  • PC Size: 50.5 x 60mm
  • Power Supply: DC 5V/2A
  • Temperature measuring range: -40℃ to 80℃
  • OS/Software: U-boot,Ubuntu-Core,OpenWRT
  • Weight: 33g(only board)/125g(with metal case & heat sink)
  • Dimension: 50.5 x 60mm


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